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Therapeutic Massage Therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation & Workshops

Using an intuitive, integrative approach in assisting to restore your body's own natural healing and wellness abilities.


Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Each session is customized to meet your individual needs for that particular session. Our body's needs are ever changing depending upon our physical activity, stress levels, even the seasons I adjust every session to meet those needs. Some sessions may include but are not limited to Swedish, Deep Tissue, PNF, Myofascial, NeuroMuscular techniques. I am very respectful of what it is that you feel you need out of each and every session. 

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Reiki is a modality of Therapy in which the therapist assists the body's own natural life force to restore its own health and wellbeing. Rei means Universal Life Force and Ki means energy. It is successfully being utilized at Mather Field Veterans Hospital and has decreased the amount of pain medication being used substantially. It isn't a religion. The art of laying hands on for healing dates back to biblical texts as well as others. The form of Reiki that I was trained in Usui dates back to 1922 when it was first converted to text as opposed to verbal teachings.

I provide Reiki Sessions as well as Reiki Trainings as a Reiki Master. I am always happy to speak with you about either.


Yoga & Mediation

Guided Yoga and Meditation that helps you to fall into that space where you more deeply connect to self, love and compassion. In the 1:1 sessions I am able to gently assist you into those poses you have always wanted to get into or perhaps work with alignment issues. I create targeted Yoga to help release areas of tension and focus. The best thing about 1:1 is it's specifically created for you, your needs each and every time.

Group sessions, workshops host a small class size. 

Do you need Karma Yoga? Contact me!!!

I provide a free hour of Yoga for those suffering from Cancer and their familys for their events or just for respite. I also am happy to provide Karma Yoga for your Non-profit fundraiser. You must be local. 



My Office

111 Natoma St. Suite 103 Folsom, CA 95630


My office is located in the beautiful Historic District of Folsom.  Rear only Entrance. Parking available on the street.


It is a privilege to be a part of your

wellness and health journey!


Welcome to a space conducive of healing...

Come relax, destress, get your muscular therapy or energy work done in this beautiful space!

The best is not yet to come, nor has it already happened. The best can be found in this very moment if we choose...
— Heather Willis

Table & Yoga Hours are:

 M-Th 9-2, F 9-1

Office Hours are:

M-Th 9-3, F 9-1

We observe all major holidays. We are closed the week of Thanksgiving, week in between Christmas & New Years. Our office is traditionally closed the week of 4th of July.   Other office closures for Continuing Education and or vacations, events will be posted.