Trainings & Workshops


For any Therapeutic Session

Visit. click on our booking, scheduling page and find a time that best meets your schedule.

Reiki trainings are held as follows: Reiki I approximately 1 month after Reiki II 2, weeks later Reiki Master. Details are posted on the website, Facebook and Instagram as they approach and are generally held several times a year.

Yoga & Meditation Workshops are held monthly, sometimes weekly. Details are posted on the website, Facebook and Instagram.

We do require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment without fee as to be respectful to those waiting to come in.

We kindly ask that you refrain from coming in if you are ill for your own safety as well as others. Coming in ill can increase the severity of your illness as we move the Lymphatic fluid through the body. It, further is disrespectful to others most notably the Oncology~ Cancer clients who come in for their appointments and have a compromise immune system. You may be turned away and charged for services if you present for your session ill.